Man Cave Ideas | 19 DIY Decor and Furniture Projects

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Do you ever wish you had a place of your own to go relax? A cool man cave so you can have a little dude time to yourself? Maybe your girlfriend left ya, maybe you kicked her out, or maybe you just can’t be bothered with the outside world at the moment. Sounds like you need to make a man cave. Sometimes you just need a little man time to fill the void and cool DIY Projects for men are not easy to find.  Yeah, it’s pretty much the science of the male psyche. Tuck yourself away in these pretty badass man caves that you can make yourself. Never worry about your wife finding out about your fantasy football league again. Want to learn more? Scroll on to see our best mancave DIY Project Ideas.

1. DIY Toilet Paper Holder That Everyone’s Talking About

toilet paper craft | cool man cave ideas
via funkyjunkinteriors Probably the most straightforward man projects that you’ll ever have to endure. We know how much dudes love their cars, and this is for sure the best way to honor the dude mobile. All you need is your old rusty license plate and some wood and your good to go! Just glue some slabs of wood together. BOOM. Instant TP holder (and you’ll impress the ladies).

2. DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave via 9gag What man doesn’t like the smell of Whiskey in the morning? Check out this awesome soap dispenser fashioned from an old Jack Daniels bottle. The best part? Well, you get to drink the whiskey first, duh.

3. Hooks Made From Wrenches

via The Black Workshop man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave Aren’t these rad? It’s pretty awesome that you don’t need anything other than your super human strength, a screw driver, and an old wrench to throw these puppies up in your man cave. You can bet the dudes will be jealous.

4. DIY Cutting Board

via manmadediy Check out this awesome DIY cutting board along with the step-by-step tutorial on how it’s made brought to you by one of the coolest websites for all things man, manmadediy. You can totally put your drink on that too, bro.

man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

5. Make A Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Have you ever made anything out of pallet wood? This long-forgotten wood has been used for hundreds of re-purposed projects.  Check out how to make your own pallet table by reading our awesome post on cool pallet projects19-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects  DIY Projects For Men How To Make A Table With Shipping Pallets

6. Book Shelf Made Out Of Pipe Clamps

via DIYesq Did you know that building shelves out of plumbers pipe is just straight up easy? This is one of the most cost effective DIY shelving units you can make. Everything you need you can find right at your neighborhood Home Depot. They even have a tutorial on their website to build one to your own specific needs and measurements. Cool! man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

7. A Beer Barrel Made Into A Bed

via intash Yup. It’s real. A giant bed made out of giant barrel. You thought nursery rhymes weren’t real. Guess again. This barrel bed is pretty damn cool if you ask us. We’re thinking, “how did they fit that thing through the door?”man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

8. DIY Pac Man Ottoman

Oh yeah, baby. We went there. Who doesn’t want this otto-man couch? I mean, com on. You can make it yourself and you know you nearly have a heart attack when you walk into a bar and they have a pac man machine. It doesn’t get any better than this. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

9. A Sink…That Is Also A Tire.

via Pinterest That’s pretty freakin rugged. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancaveman-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

10. Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

What makes a beer bottle opener worth using? Not having to bend over when the sucker flies off into oblivion. Avoid the nuisance of having to do something so rudimentary by snatching one of these sick gadgets.
via Etsy
 man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

11. DIY Wood Pallet Arrow

Okay so this is pretty dope. Ignore the photo frames around it. We’re thinking you should probably paint it red and make a sign that says, “GET OUT –  AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YA…” You know the rest. Check out how it’s made here. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

12. Man Cave Barbecue Made Out Of A Car

Turn your old car into a barbecue. Make sure to remove the engine before attempting this at home, kids. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

13. Create A Tiled Floor Using Pennies

via reddit Now you can make the most the most non-expensive floor you’ve ever walked on. Seriously, it would probably cost you… uh, pennies. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

14. DIY Bar Made Out Of Shipping Pallets

Make this awesome bar to impress your friends. All you need is some old wood you via pinterest man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

15. DIY Corona Drinking Glasses

via These drinking glasses totally rule. All you need is some acetone and string, or a bottle cutter and you can make awesome DIY glasses out of any liquor bottle you like. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancaveman-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

16. Make A Balanced Book Shelf

via manmadediy Take a huge weight off your shoulders with this awesome book balancing act. Impress your friends with science. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

17. How to Turn Suitcases into Wall Shelving

All you need to do is grab a chainsaw and just get to it. Kidding. But how killer are these suitcase shelves? Such an awesome addition to a man cave. Further instructions on how to make them below. via manmadediy man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

18. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

via Bohemian Workbench Get a sick Nintendo table for a mere $3500 dollars. No big deal. man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave man-cave-man-cave-ideas-man-cave-decor-man-cave-furniture-mancave

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