21 DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas

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DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas | Lighting Projects

Summer is the perfect time for gatherings. And with summer here, I’m sure that you’re planning some backyard get-together like I am. From barbecues to a simple weekend family night, there’s always something fun to do. And if you want your time outdoor to be more special, why not add some outdoor lanterns. It’s the perfect lighting project to add more light to any backyard and showcase your crafting skills at the same time. You’ll be pleased to know it sets a great mood and even gives you some savings from your electric bill. So if you’re looking for a DIY lantern to try, check out this list!

1. Mason Jar Prism Light

Create a stunning lighting effect with this mason jar prism light. Click here to read more!

2. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Ever considered making a lighting project out of a tuna can? Well the end result is amazing. Check it out here.

3. Chalkboard Candle

Get some lighting you can also write on. It’s a really cool lantern to display outdoors. Click here to read more!

4. DIY Firefly Lantern

Make your gathering whimsical with these firefly lanterns. You won’t believe it’s so easy to make. Get the tutorial here.

5. Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Want something practical and pretty? This DIY lantern will give you both, as an added bonus, you can also add fragrance oil to make it smell amazing. Click here to read more!

6. DIY Solar Lanterns

Make a garland with this adorable solar lanterns. Try to make it as colorful as you like. Get the instructions here.

7. Tin Lantern

Here’s something that won’t break the bank. You can use either a tin bucket or upcycle a coffee can, so many options. Click here to read more!

8. Macrame Outdoor Lantern

Check out how to make macrame patterned holder for your candle lantern. It’s not as hard as you think. Get the tutorial here.

9. Easy DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

This mason jar light is as easy as one-two-three. You’ll just need a mason jar, some wire and a teacup candle. Click here to read more!

10. DIY Outdoor Cube Lantern

Easy DIY Outdoor Lantern Craft Project | http://diyready.com/21-diy-outdoor-lantern-ideas/
via homedit
An outdoor lantern that can also double as a DIY centerpiece. Check it out here.

11. DIY String Lantern

A DIY lantern made of string that has string lights? How cool is that? Get the instructions here.

12. Ice Lanterns

You’ll need some space on your freezer for this cool DIY lantern. You can also add some flowers or fruits before freezing to make it more colorful. Get the tutorial here.

13. Soda Can Lantern

Repurpose your soda cans into these remarkable lanterns. Turn it into any color you want with some spray paint.Get the steps here.

14. DIY Paper Star Lantern

Create a starry night with this DIY lantern from paper. Get the tutorial here.

15. DIY Winter Solstice Lantern

Cheap and Easy Wooden Hanging DIY Outdoor Lantern | http://diyready.com/21-diy-outdoor-lantern-ideas/
via eHow
Make winter solstice lanterns in any season of the year. Check out the instructions here.

16. Pottery Barn Inspired Hyannis Lanterns

Have you always been coveting something from the Pottery Barn? Well here’s your chance to make a knock-off Hyannis Lantern. Get the tutorial here.

17. DIY Moroccan Mason Jar Lantern

Want to have something that stepped out of an Aladdin movie? Here’s a DIY lantern you should try. Get the steps here.

18. DIY Fabric Lantern

Cut some fabric for this cool DIY outdoor lantern. Get the instructions here.

19. DIY Cloud Lights

This won’t be your everyday lantern but this would be great for a special summer event. Get the tutorial here.

20. DIY Floral Lantern

Assemble this DIY lantern and add some string lights for the perfect outdoor lighting. Get the instructions here.

21. Wax Paper Lantern

Try your skills on a little fl0wer pressing with this beautiful DIY lantern. Get the tutorial here.

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