19 Cool Pallet Projects

8:36 AM

Wood Pallets are a fun and trendy way to decorate your home!

There are many different way to source pallets that have been thrown away, however, not all pallets are safe to use for furniture. Usually, shipping pallets are treated with harmful chemicals and can sometimes have dust mites. You want to make sure you are selecting the best and healthiest pallets for building! Check out our post on How To Know If A Pallet Is Safe To Use before proceeding with these projects. Thanks and good luck!

1. Shipping Pallet Patio Chair

25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects(via funkyjunkinteriors, click here for full tutorial)

2. Pallet Smoker

25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects   (viadiyready.com, click here for full tutorial)

 3. Make a Pallet Workbench 25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects25-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects

(via diyready.com, click here for full tutorial)

4. Pallet Bed Frame

5. Pallet Coffee Table 

 19-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects 19-Cool-Pallet-Projects-Pallet-Projects-Shipping-Pallet-Projects (via DIY Ready, click here for full tutorial)

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