9 Super Simple DIYs You Need To Try This Month

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1. The sweet trick to getting gum out of your hair:

The sweet trick to getting gum out of your hair:
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How do you get gum out of your hair? —Shirley D. 
Anyone who has hair and chews gum knows that the two attract like sticky, messy magnets. But with this simple trick, getting it out of your hair will be even easier than blowing bubbles with your gum: All you need is peanut butter! Use your fingers or an old toothbrush to massage the PB all around the gum. After a few minutes, the oil in the peanut butter will make the gum slip right out of the hair. You can also just use regular oil, but the consistency of the peanut butter makes it easier to keep on the spot while you massage it. Then just wash the peanut butter right out!

2. Three classy crafts to make with clay:

Three classy crafts to make with clay:
Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / abeautifulmess.com / almostmakesperfect.com / darbysmart.com
Can you guys make a DIY on polymer clay? —Madison S.
Polymer clay is such a great tool for making cute little sculptures and necklaces, and there are a ton of awesome tutorials on that already floating around the web. So we found a few unusual and expensive-looking uses for polymer clay that are easy and pretty!
1. Make these adorable votive candle-holders.
2. Make these natural-looking napkin rings.
3. Make a cactus plant that will never die!

3. The easiest way to label a buffet:

The easiest way to label a buffet:
Jenny Chang / Rachel Wilkerson Miller / BuzzFeed
Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Senior Lifestyle Editor at BuzzFeed, wanted an easy way to let everyone at a party know what each dish was, and here’s what she came up with:
I’m a big fan of covering my table in kraft paper whenever I host a party: It’s appropriate for pretty much all casual parties, allows for easy cleanup, and makes the table look more Instagrammable. At the potato party I hosted last spring, I wrote the names of all the dishes I prepared right on the kraft paper. At the potluck brunch I hosted in May, I took things a step further and wrote the names of the dishes everyone else brought on the kraft paper. This turned out to be quite helpful because 1) people are definitely going to ask what the different dishes are, 2) you can list whether items have meat, dairy, etc., so guests don’t have to ask, and 3) you can add who brought the item to give everyone credit for their spread. So if you want to win at summer picnics and parties, grab a roll of kraft paper and a permanent marker.

4. What to do when you run out of mints:

What to do when you run out of mints:
Does anyone have any craft suggestions for empty Altoids tins? I have many and would like to do something with them. —Joy T.
Altoids Tins are infinitely useful. You can use them to organize, store things, and even make miniature environments that are totally self-contained. Here are a few of our favorite projects:
1. Make an emergency candle, first aid kit, or sewing kit.
2. Use several tins with labels to organize all the small things in your junk or office drawer. (Just don’t use them to store batteries — those will start to corrode because of the tin!) 
3. Make a tiny adorable succulent garden.

5. How to make your flowers last way longer:

How to make your flowers last way longer:
Jenny Chang / Jessica Probus / BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed Life editors are always looking for ways to keep flowers looking fresh, so we tried this amazing trick:
Fresh flowers are the quickest way to brighten up any space. The only bad thing about spending your hard-earned dough on greenery and blooms is that they start to wilt after only a few days. My favorite flowers, like peonies and ranunculus, have an even shorter shelf-life than most and they tend to be more expensive. WhenApartment Therapy tested out different methods for keeping flowers fresh, I had to try their super easy solution: putting flowers in the fridge. I stored my flowers in the fridge every night and they lasted SO much longer! I changed the water one time around Day 5, and the blooms were still perfectly white and open after almost two weeks.

6. How to recycle a flat tire:

How to recycle a flat tire:
Any new idea for using a car tire? —Gloria G. 
The thing about recycling or reusing car tires is that they are so bulky to deal with and alter, the end result needs to be awesome to be worth the trouble! Here are three ideas we think are worth the effort:
1. Make a vertical planter to hang on your house or in a tree.
2. Make a cozy, colorful bed for your best friend.
3. Transform one tire into two adorable see-saws.

7. What to do when you burn dinner:

What to do when you burn dinner:
Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock
How can I clean my stainless steel pots, inside & out? —Ken M.
Stainless steel pots and pans are naturally non-stick, but they can still get pretty grimy. The best way to clean and polish them is to use a cloth and white vinegar. This even works when you burn something and it looks like the bottom is ruined — just fill the pot with half vinegar and half water and put it on the stove to boil. The vinegar solution will loosen the burned food and you can use a wooden spoon to gently scrape it up.

8. Rock DIYs that actually rock:

Rock DIYs that actually rock:
I have a lot of polished stones in my yard, and I’d love to think of something clever to do with them. Any ideas? —Cindy, FL
Polished stones are a great thing to craft with because they already have such a great texture and color variance! Here are four ideas that take advantage of the natural beauty of the stones:
1. Make a doormat (or trivet) by gluing rocks to a shelf liner.
2. Decorate a bucket or terra cotta pot for planting.
3. Make an adorable trinket to let people know how you feel about them.
4. Embellish some drawer pulls and knobs.

9. How to get unstuck:

How to get unstuck:
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Do you know how to get a zipper unstuck on a bag? —ReRe

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